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Overseas, EZ supply chain provide the last mile service;In China, EZ supply chain provides import and export customs service and agency trade services let you do business with China legally.

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The most powerful international door-to-door logistics support

EZtrans has a global door-to-door distribution network covering nearly 200 countries and regions in the world. According to your requirements, logistics loading, packing and reinforcement, labeling services, space booking, international transportation, bill making and other comprehensive logistics supply chain services. Logistics consulting can be landed EZtrans home page.

Professional fund flow support

EZ supply chain provides a range of financial support and services. Export business agent letter of credit, after the receipt of exchange can be settled on the same day; Import business help you purchase foreign exchange payment to buy materials; Find a simple supply chain to do foreign trade agents to send international freight insurance.

Customs compliance consulting and support

EZ supply chain helps you to handle a series of trivial import and export documents, certificate of origin, commodity inspection and other services. We have the advantages of customs declaration and clearance in the first time in major domestic ports, and we have a good reputation among the relevant import and export departments such as customs, commodity inspection, commercial commission, foreign administration, bank and tax.

Import and export agent for all kinds of products

Provide import and export trade agent solution, import trade qualifications agency, the foreign trade contract, cancel after verification for foreign exchange settlement, foreign exchange earnings, export tax rebates, export commodity inspection agency, provide all kinds of documents, the exemption procedure for automatic import license, 3 c approval, artwork approval, cosmetics, Chinese label consulting report, quarantine certificate, certificate of origin, health certificate, import tax exemption application, approval for special articles.

  • Exp. Imp. Trading Agency

    When the import and export goods and transhipment goods enter or export to the customs of a certain country, they must go through all the formalities prescribed by the customs and commodity inspection with the local customs and declaration, and provide the required documents, such as commercial invoice, packing list, shipping bill of lading, certificate of origin, etc. EZ supply chain to help you complete a series of trivial document production, customs compliance, foreign exchange purchase and payment and foreign exchange settlement, put your precious time to focus on the business itself.

  • Fresh food

    EZ supply chain agent import and export of all kinds of fresh food, and provide the most professional logistics technical guidance, if the temperature and humidity requirements of vegetables (fruits and vegetables /PRODUCE), MEAT, SEAFOOD, etc. You only need to have cross-border demand, EZ supply chain to help you complete the order.

  • Mechanical and electrical products

    EZ supply chain agent import and export of various mechanical and electrical products. Mechanical and electrical products are all kinds of agricultural machinery, electrical equipment, electronic equipment produced by the use of machinery, electrical equipment, electronic performance of production equipment and living machines. Generally including mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, means of transportation, electronic products, electrical products, instruments and meters, metal products and other parts, components. The import and export of mechanical and electrical products and common parts often encounter classification problems. Items that can be identified as machine parts but are not specifically or primarily used in a machine or a type of machine (i.e., a variety of machines listed in different categories) should be grouped under heading 8487 and heading 8548.It is important to note that not all parts that can be applied to multiple items can be classified as generic parts, only if the items involved are not of the same category.At the same time, heading 8487 includes only non-electric general parts, which should be classified as 8548.In case of such classification problems, the simplified supply chain can help you with specific problems and needs specific analysis. You only need to have cross-border demand, and the simplified supply chain can help you complete orders.

  • Chemicals

    As long as you have the MSDS (chemical product technical specification) provided by the manufacturers of the following products, EZ supply chain can guide you to complete the import and export service of this series of products. Mainly includes: inorganic industrial chemicals and organic industrial chemicals, catalysts, inorganic materials, organic materials, high functional system, electrical appliances, electronic materials, imaging materials, iron and printing ink, surface active agent, lubricant, adhesive, food additives, feed additives, fuel oil and additives, lubricant additives, plastics and additives, and rubber additives, paper and pulp with chemicals, building materials and concrete chemical additive, dyestuff, inorganic pigments, organic pigments, dyes, pigment intermediates, explosives. The propellant, coating. The surface treatment agent, spice, cosmetics, medicine, pesticide and so on. You only need to have cross-border demand, EZ supply chain to help you complete the order.

  • General Merchandise

    EZ supply chain for you to complete the import and export of the following products agent services. Include:
    1. Textile, clothing and daily necessities: department stores;Clothing, shoes and hats;Textiles, knitwear and raw materials;Kitchen equipment;Sanitary ware;Groceries;Cosmetics and hygiene products;Other daily necessities (clocks, glasses, bags, lamps and lanterns).
    2. Cultural and sports goods and equipment: stationery;Sporting goods and sports equipment;Jewelry;Arts and crafts;Stamps;Other cultural articles, etc.
    3, mineral products, building materials and chemical products mineral products, mineral products;Lubricating oil;Metallic materials;Building materials;Chemical products (excluding a class of precursor chemicals and dangerous goods);Fertilizer, agricultural film.
    4. Mechanical equipment, hardware and electronic products: mechanical and electrical equipment;Automobile (excluding car), motorcycle, automobile motorcycle spare parts;hardware ;Household appliances;Computers, computer hardware and software and auxiliary equipment;Communications equipment;Metal products;Transportation equipment;Electrical machinery;Electronic products, electronic components, instruments and meters;Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
    5. Other medical devices;Funeral articles and furniture;Decoration materials;Flowers;A junk;Labor insurance articles;Rubber products;Plastic products;Flowers, birds, insects and fish (excluding plants and animals under state protection)
    You only need to have cross-border demand, EZ supply chain to help you complete the order.

  • prepackaged food

    Food import is no longer troublesome, EZ supply chain on your behalf to complete the import and export foreign trade agent services. Include:
    1. Food Chinese label audit
    2. Goods preparation and logistics delivery
    3. Prepare import and export documents
    4, shipped to the designated port
    5. Get the logistics bill of lading
    6. Label as required
    7. Help you complete the inspection report
    8. Help you complete the customs declaration
    9. Pay the duty on your behalf
    10. Deliver to you
    At the same time you need to prepare: imported food label consulting services to a power of attorney, color the original label sample directory listing, the original label sample for translation, Chinese label sample, the matching table in both Chinese and English, the client's business license copy, won the prize, is a tribute and legal region related proof copy and translation, copy of certificate of origin or product in the producing country (region) to allow production and sales of documents copy, With only cross-border demand, EZ supply chain can help you complete your orders.

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